In the end, we’re just human like everyone else and trying our best to preserve the planet for our children and beyond.


Zhai strives to be an environmentally responsible clothing brand which offers simple, classic and versatile pieces, without compromising on quality, style or affordability.


The perfect snack box, delivered to your door with wholesome nutritionist-approved snacks and added benefits.

Sahawood Woodenglasses

The handcrafted sunglasses are made from the residues of rosewood and teak from the furniture industry in Indonesia.


Fairphone has created the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone, a product that really put people first without having to give up on modern technology.

Plan Toys

PlanToys® has been consistently developing its products and activities with a strong commitment to contribute positively to the world.


The cacao beans of Krakakoa are organically-grown and sourced from small farms that practice sustainable farming methods and economic empowerment of the farmers.


A company making sustainable kitchenware in bamboo, made at the source with high standards in quality and design.

Hotel Orangutan

Hotel Orangutan offers the possibility to the visitors to go back to nature and observe orangutan in their natural state.

AnnMarie Gianni Cosmetics

Natural beauty products to give your skin only the best, while keeping all harsh chemicals and toxins away.


With Lagu, beach-goers can help keep sand on the beach instead of clinging to towels where they are washed away in drainages of laundry machines, never to be returned to the beach.


Madana promises to bring you yoga products made of natural, nature friendly, recycled, socially conscious materials to allow you to connect to yourself and the world in the most conscious way.