Lime Goods is a directory of conscious and sustainable products selected by Lime Agency in line with our standards of quality and design as well as our pledge to work towards a better world. It is an initiative born from the belief that all products can give back without having to be hippie or crafty and the desire to create a platform where those products would be easily accessible to consumers.

In our modern society, we have gained enough knowledge to understand the consequences of our consumption choices. We are faced everyday with the reality of poverty, environmental destruction, climate change, plastic overload, etc – the talks, the videos, the photographs which attest of those concerning problems.

But we have the power to change EVERYTHING through simple conscious choices. Today, so many companies are producing consciously and sustainably. They are giving us to possibility to make that choice, to use our purchasing power for the greater good while enjoying refined and tasteful products.

Taking this opportunity, now, is up to you.

If you wish to be part of this directory, or want to be taken down, or notice a missing link or a site which has ceased operation – please contact us at info@lime-agency.com